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Tom Verhoeven
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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

@Tom. I will not be running a business dojo. I support what you are saying. The dojo fees will be in the range of $20-$30 a month, or less depending on how many students I have and the needs of the dojo. The dojo will be set up in a proprietary manner. Everyone contributes to the dojo, by handling operations and maintenance, plus all other affairs. People who have a sense of ownership have a greater personal responsibility to the welfare of the dojo.

The average Aikido dojo in my area charges in the range of $80-$110 per month. Then there are fees for promotions, rank, seminars often making the student wonder if they are being nickel and dimed. Unlike other schools, there will be no school fees. Students will have to collectively pay for and obtain dojo supplies which they will manage themselves. My job is to teach. I am projecting my out of pocket costs will be very high the first couple of years. Then I am projecting that there will be times I will be supplementing the dojo when the students fall short. Money I don't plan on recouping.
You presented your approach to starting a dojo as a business in concordance with consumer society doctrine. That you want to charge less to your future students only fits the same doctrine. It is the same argument that the local supermarket-manager gives me.

The discussion here was whether there are differences between female and male practitioners in Aikido. There are many reasons why we need to think about this.

But your sole argument was that from a modern day business point of view there should be separate classes for female practitioners as your consumers "want" this.

That does not really contribute to the discussion.

The general point I was trying to make before is that by setting up a dojo to fit the consumer society our whole starting point is wrong. Rather we should set up dojo that in the course of time may change consumer society. So we should not look for what the consumer wants, but what the student needs. That makes the difference between a shop and a true Aikido dojo.


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