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Bruce Baker
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I have reacquired an interest in archery, and I do not use sights or extended aiming techniques, but find I have better accuracy if I walk about and snap shoot at the target.

(30 to 40 yards)

Maybe it is just me, or the fact that I am trying to use the inner sense to reach the target rather than the outer senses targeting and sighting, but this is also the factor that occurs when there is no time to aim, just to feel where you should shoot.

The feeling of using this gut feeling extension is no less valid than using the extension of hands, weapons, or creating iron arm or iron body.

Of course, I am no longer young or healthy. I am fighting a few internal organ problems, so maybe I am relying on more than the strength of your human body that many people rely on.

It is not a bad thing to do high repetitions wtih light weights to strengthen your body, but when that physical strenght is gone, what then? Can you muster the inner strength?

Weird as it may sound, it is also the inner strength that will drive you to go far beyond the physical pain of repetition exercises, so I think it is a very good training ground to get a footing upon your inner strength.

How do you think a two hundred twenty pound man can push a six hundred pound box across the floor? ( the sound OH doesn't hurt either.)

Never forget weapons are the extension of you, and you are able to extend yourself with physicality as well as inner strength with these weapons too.

(If you want two more sounds to movement, Long vowel U for down, and short o like the word who for up, see if saying these sounds helps your movements.)
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