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lars beyer
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Re: What is a great framework for learning (Aikido) ?

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
Hi Lars

I think that my reply to one of the other subjects that are currently on the board will explain my point of view further.

Just to elaborate: we are not supposed to 'invent' the techniques rather than we are suppose to assimilate what we pick up from different senseis, training partners, weapons training etc and adjust it to fit our personal circumstances. Our body frame, length of arms and legs, speed and lots of other issues play a vital role.

Instead of making our body fit aikido - I think we should adapt our aikido to fit our bodies and minds. In that way we end up not being carbon copies of our senseis but rather new permutations with unique blends of physical and mental ability combined with unique blends of experience and knowledge.

In my point of view Aikido is not a goal - it's a path. And each and every single one of us will - and should - have unique aikido.

We recently had a DAF training in Odense with three different 'styles' (in lack of a better word) of aikido on the mat for three hours. Where you there? It was very interesting.

Now - if you should happen to go by Fyn some time drop by and let us discuss this further or come to the workshop in june where all DAF dojo's will be gathered. That should be quite interesting

See ya!

I think what you say is true, and I think we all have the need to find our own way of progression, and in some ways mine differs from yours and vice versa.
I find it usefull to discuss the basic approaches to see what the variations are because maybe I can learn something important this way.
I don´t have the time and money right now for many seminars but I did attend the previous DAF
"venskabslejr" and I found it very informative and interresting to try some Nishio style Aikido.
I think in 2003.. I´m not sure exactly I attended a 5 or 6..? day Nishio Easter Aikido seminar in DGI byen, but I was a rookie at that time, only knew some basic oldschool Danish aikido stuff (dating back to Ichimura sensei) and found it difficult to grasp all the different weapons drills in Nishio Aikido.
Unfortunately Nishio sensei wasn´t present at the seminar.. I would have liked to meet him actually.. I have heard that Nishio sensei and Saito sensei had a good connection- Biru waza style..

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