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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Well, threads don't belong to anybody in particular, and thread drift is the norm rather than the exception.

Anyway, it was in response to a comment made in a post by Christine Schmidt (via Gerardo Torres), and the post that I was commenting on was directly related to the utility of weapons practice vis-a-vis Aiki.


Hi chriss, thanks for your reply, I really appreciate that people want to discuss this topic I have raised,
at least it makes me happy to feel that people spent a little time reading my question because I guess I am only human in this sence.
I donīt want to shut you up or anything, and I think if you have some good things to share concerning Tohei sensei and his weapons practise and teaching I would love to hear it as well as a lot of other
Aikidoka I believe.

Itīs true that noone owes this thread (even I think Aikiweb does to some degree- but not the intellectual copyright I guess, but that is another discussion alltogether and quite interresting.)

You can also pm me and tell me about your can of worms, because it sounds interresting, but maybe you should start your own thread so as to avoid the worms crawling allover the place ( this I meant as a joke, Iīm merely kiding

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