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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
At the risk of opening a giant can of worms - I would say that (IMO) it's neither connecting nor harmonizing, nor much else involving what the other person is doing - including timing.

As I said, a can of worms....

Here's a relevant quote from Koichi Tohei, from "Ki no Kakuritsu" ("The Establishment of Ki").

Tohei's thinking is getting close to what I'm talking about.

In the section containing the quote above he was discussing his departure from the Aikikai, and his fundamental differences with Kisshomaru about what Aikido involves.


Hi Christopher, welcome to my thread
I love worms, so please show them to me, maybe itīs a specimen I donīt know.. And maybe explain to me what this has go to do with the title of this thread, who is allready drifting off in a different direction than intended and now definetely is ready for the big padlock
Peace- (it means behave correctly in my homecountry)
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