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Re: It's getting annoying..

Jerome Cervantes wrote: View Post
here's something to think about... how did you get through YOUR training? do you think your sensei/sempai had the same feelings about you?
I agree that we shouldn't always be on the receiving end, and we have to give back at some point. but one can only stand so much boredom before he snaps..

I first started Aikido in a dojo where the mats were fixed on the floor. so we didn't have to set up and put them away after class is over. and I had my brother (who lives in another province now) to work with. we started together, so we were both beginners. fortunately, my cousin was a fast learner so we were able to train a lot after class WITHOUT much help from our seniors (they just needed to point out a few things a few times, and we'll remember it and practice until we get it right). I'm sad that none of the new people in my dojo can or willing to take as much training or pain that we went through

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
I was going to say.. I wonder how the senior students felt while they were helping you learn to the stage you're at...

Learn from the people you're practicing with - help them get better so that you've got more senior folks around, and then THEY can help some of the beginners...
my previous dojo has A LOT of yudanshas so they take turns on taking charge of the new people. and the Sensei didn't bother with the new people too much, because most of the people that came there were really prepared to train and learn hard. so they actually listen and remembers what were shown in the front(just 4 times for each technique, 1 left and right omote, 1 left and right ura). we were basically taking care of ourselves most of the time.

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