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Tom Verhoeven
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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

So this was not a discussion on differences between female & male practitioners after all, but rather a market-inquiry to get a feel of the response if gender separate classes in Aikido were to be introduced.
A dojo is here presented as a business. Aikido has become a product. The student a consumer. And society a market.
We do live in a consumer society. And that consumer society has brought a lot of damage, distress and suffering to the world. Rather then going along with this doctrine (it is not philosophy ! ) of the world as a marketplace I feel that sincere aikidoka should consider the originally thoughts and goals of the founder, Ueshiba Morihei O Sensei. What always has attracted me to Aikido was his philosophy (not a doctrine !) of bringing a change to the world. Of giving people a renewed sense of joy and happiness. Spring has arrived here in the Auvergne and that gives everyone a feel of renewed vibrant energy. Practicing Aikido should feel like this, was O Sensei's often heard remark.
A consumer society approach to Aikido will smother this wonderful feeling of being alive and being able to connect to one another. As it will smother all true arts and spiritual disciplines. All that remains is the urge to have success, power and money. That is what the consumer society is about after all.
But it is not what Aikido is about...or should be about.

Tom Verhoeven
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