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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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Thanks for sharing. One thing about the OODA loop that is brought to life is that a 90 year old lady could beat up Anderson $ilva if she understand the principles and can stay ahead of his. It is not so much about the skill, but understanding the principles and how to beat your opponent.

So yes, you use whatever you have. Skill does come into play, especially when you are behind and must work to get back ahead.
Excellent as usual Kevin. I have done this for 21 years or so without knowing the term.
It was combat but not usually with other humans. PM me if you really want to know.
Leave it to the military to codify stuff!

My question or observation would be (from actual real world here , no speculating) is that you don't want to get stuck in the first three of the loop and you don't want to get dead either. And it takes quite a bit of "training" so the first three become automatic or "second nature".
Or do we accept death pass Go and collect $200. The people who have done this , it seems have skipped 1,2,3 and a lot of times are quite successful at 4.
But there is also a lot of new graves that were never acknowledged for jumping directly to 4
There are what would seem to be "naturals" in this world at first glance, but upon scrutiny reveals a lot relative hard work
Thanks. I'm going to train now to try and reveal what is on the inside

A day will dawn when you will yourself laugh at your effort. That which is on the day of laughter is also now.
Ramana Maharishi
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