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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Robert Cowham wrote: View Post
In my understanding it is more about "connect" than "harmonize". When I have worked with seniors at the Shiseikan, and in particular Inaba sensei, at any stage I feel he is "in control" of our encounter or at the very least connected with me and knows viscerally what is happening in my body/mind - indeed I sometimes have the impression he has a force field that encompasses everyone on the mat!

Certainly things to aspire to, and maybe I am starting to get an inkling of what it is about - my timing has certainly improved recently...
At the risk of opening a giant can of worms - I would say that (IMO) it's neither connecting nor harmonizing, nor much else involving what the other person is doing - including timing.

As I said, a can of worms....

Here's a relevant quote from Koichi Tohei, from "Ki no Kakuritsu" ("The Establishment of Ki").

二代道主は、合氣道を「人の気に合わせるの道」と解釈していた。しかし私にしてみれば、合氣道とは「心身を統一して天地と一体になる。すなわち天地の気に合わす道」なので ある。

The second Doshu interpreted Aikido as "the Way of fitting in with another person's Ki". However, it seems to me that Aikido is "Uniting body and mind and becoming one with heaven and earth. Specifically, the Way of fitting together the Ki of heaven and earth.".
Tohei's thinking is getting close to what I'm talking about.

In the section containing the quote above he was discussing his departure from the Aikikai, and his fundamental differences with Kisshomaru about what Aikido involves.



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