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Robert Cowham
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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I wasn't going to say anything, but "connect (harmonize) my ki with that of my partner (opponent)" is, in weapons and in all Aikido practice, one of the most fundamental errors that people have in conventional Aikido, IMO.
In my understanding it is more about "connect" than "harmonize". When I have worked with seniors at the Shiseikan, and in particular Inaba sensei, at any stage I feel he is "in control" of our encounter or at the very least connected with me and knows viscerally what is happening in my body/mind - indeed I sometimes have the impression he has a force field that encompasses everyone on the mat!

Certainly things to aspire to, and maybe I am starting to get an inkling of what it is about - my timing has certainly improved recently...
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