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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Thank you, I feel confident in using a business model for my school vs. other models. The value of the school will not be measure on a monetary scale. I will retain the Aikido philosophy that has made Aikido popular. I will retain many of the Japanese qualities that make Aikido as a martial art attractive. Having enough money the value will being in the success of the dojo. A dojo that will offer the community to enjoy Aikido. To benefit from the experiences Aikido offers.

The other thing is I will be charging a nominal monthly fee enough to keep the preverbal lights on. Free classes, for some reason, have less value than classes who charge. Also, charging a nominal monthly fee based on a use propriety model, where the take an active part in keep the doors open gives them a sense of ownership as well as stewardship. My interest in opening a school is not for personal financial gain as some would suspect. The amount of income Aikido Senseis get from professionally teaching is not enough for me to take it as a serious income.
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