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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

I think this will be my last post here, I need now to focus on some important details before I officially open my doors within the next few months. I am excited to say the least.

For those who feel there are generalization in play, and taking it levels ridiculously beyond what my concerns are, like to the level of racism, I offer you this. Separating races as suggested isn't what I am doing, that is flat out offensive. I don't feel one race is superior or inferior to another hence against mixing races.

The objective of my school is to offer a women only classes not because women are inferior to men. That too is equalling offensive. My mission is to run a successful school base on my business success. For a number of years, the simple key to my success was to offer the customer what they wanted. Understand the target market. Observe the market trends. Deliver the good or service that the customer wants. Nothing else. Why reinvent the wheel and make the learning curve any steeper than it should be.

My daughter is a professional educator, who started out in secondary teaching, and moved to shaping education by earning a Ph.D in education offers a valuable insight into learning. Ae proper learning environment is key to success. Years in the dojo tells me often the importance of a good learning environment has on learning and progression of skill sets.

If women will learn Aikido better without men around then that is what I will offer. My dojo will offer separate classes for both men and women. Research shows the benefit of having women's only classes. if it is something women want. Further research in psychology and education tells us women have differences in approach to learning, learning itself, and requirements of learning than men. Just as any other goods or service. I do consider a mixed adult class, fully aware there is no such thing as androgyny. Even if I do pretend androgyny does exists, the students will shatter my rose colored glasses in a heart beat.

The demand of society, as a market is what will dictate my dojo offering women or men's classes. No different then the model fitness centers follow. Having separate class is a matter of economics 101. I must cater to the market. It is no different than having kids and adult classes, more variety and diversity offered to fit the needs of the customer /new and potential students. I am confident, I am on the right track. My dojo will be a success with my current philosophy and model. One based on the research, and models of other like business success having the same philosophy and model.

I see no reason not to give people choice in where they train, in midst of other schools not providing choice and flexibility. I am not comfortable with the stringent attitude of some sensei's that boarder on dictatorship. Fact of the matter is, a dojo is a business. Debts need to be met to provide the students with a good place to train.

Tagging on one last thought. My society is a consumer society, we want choices. Top business know there is a difference between men and women, business from everything form personal items, foods, to cars. Why they know this, why is there products that target men and women with different products or labeled products? It is because decades of market research tells them so. As well as any business with a past product history tells them so.

Lots of strong pointers favor offering separate gender classes. I am going with the research and proven models. I am aware of other concerns and criticism in not offering a singular class for both sexes. When it comes to offering to the public a diverse Aikido school, those concern and criticism issues don't stand as important.

I will be glad to answer any questions related to my new school.

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