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Re: It's getting annoying..

I have the same issue, albeit it is in my BJJ class. I am a brown belt in BJJ, and the most senior guy around my area. I virtually have no one to challenge and train me and I spend almost 100% of my time instructing.

As my black belt told me, welcome to the other side! I am now in a postion where I will spend most of my time leading and teaching and less just having fun training.

It is a different level of growth. I am held even more accountable for doing techniques, kata, and movements correctly. I have to set the example, so my growth and development is different. I have to work on my communication skills and learn how to work with students.

Maybe look at what you are doing in a different light?

It was hard for me at first making the transition to being a senior, but now I understand it better. I still like it when I can get on the mat with guys that are better than me and just have fun and roll. However, those times are rare these days. I feel your pain!

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