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Re: What is a great framework for learning (Aikido) ?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Hey Jason, I agree. The only problem with resistance is that it must be controlled and training must be progressive. It does no good, as you know, to practice against resistance without having the correct structure in place.

But, yes, you do have to have resistance. The biggest problem I have is trying to have uke move in a way that is in a tactically correct response. So, for me, I think it is important to learn to be a good uke first, although that is also a catch 22 as in order to be a good uke, you have to have a good nage as well.

so, for me, an instructor that mentors and fosters the correct responses, as you state is most important.
Hi Kevin,

I feel that the resistance reinforces the need for strong structure. I definitely should have phrased is as progressive resistance though. Once they learn the basic movements it should be a series of ever progressing static resistances followed by more active attempts at reversals, counters, etc. Thanks for the reply.
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