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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
Funny.. I am very far from agreeing with you.

Of course there is a risk that students can become sloppy, but I would think the same could happen for those who are being taught a specific way to do things in a very rigid system since they come to rely on the system rather than on their own common sense and feelings.

I think it's kind of like learning a language. You can have a CD or book with set frases that you practice over and over until you know them all by heart. Copying them to down to even the tiniest detail like intonation, pauses etc. You are just not speaking the language untill you begin to break the patterns and use the words in new constellations in order to mediate exactly the nuances that you want to express.

I've been to Japan a few times as well, and I belive I've met a few senseis (and shihans) who expect and prefer for their students to develop their own aikido by being critical - in the most polite and constructive manner of course - so as to add to the continous development of the art. So.. please don't cut all japanese teachning along the same ruler.

There is of course a time to ask questions and a time to shut up and practice. But in my book that is not the same as disbanding all creative and challenging thought all together.

It's all about finding the right balance I guess

Great weekend to all

Itīs true what you say, I shouldnīt be cutting all japanese along the same ruler, but in order to make my statement clear I did.. this is the price of rhetorics sometimes..

I donīt believe creativity lies in learning aikido, but in the way I implement it in my life outside the dojo.
Maybe itīs because I am a creative person with many different activites, so for me Aikido is more about structure, form, technique, adapting and learning than expressing my creativity in the dojo.
Well, when I teach Aikido I express my creativity because I have to adapt to the circumstances
instantaneously, this is why teaching is good for your aikido I feel.

For me creativity relies on 95% hard work and 5% actually inventing something myself- that is if I can actually invent something that is truly my own.. How many people can actually claim that what they think and what they do and say is not based on someone elses ideas ?
The thing that makes my creativity unique is the way I do it, but that wont help me learn anything.
We only learn from trial and error, success in terms of being creative is a dead end, it wont teach you anything, only make you rely on what you allready know.

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