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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

On the whole thing of "Aikido doesn't have attacks".....

I think it is a bit of romanticism that "briefs well" when waxing poetically about the philosophy that is subscribe to aikido. It is a great vision to have for sure.

You could say the same thing about pretty much all jiu jitsu based arts really.

Jiu Jitsu is essentially used and was used in combat in days of yore when "all else failed", or you cannot draw your weapon. Hence, you do not have the upper hand. Or in clinical terms, you are behind your opponents OODA loop.

This means that you are REACTING to SOMETHING that has been done to you in some way and you are trying to re-establish your dominance, center, or in clinical terms...get back ahead of your opponents OODA loop.

Based on that, you could say that Aikido or any type of jiu jitsu does not have attacks!

However, IMO, once you've regained control of the situation and you are past the point of control, anything you do to your opponent is an "Attack".

Even in iriminage, once you irimi and control your opponent...and then enter again to put him down...well at that point you are "attacking".

Attacks don't have to be kicks or strikes, they can be any number of things meant to pre-empt or prevent your opponent from regaining control.

now, we can argue about the ethics of use of force of various things from shooting someone, to choking them, to simply pinning them all day long, but IMO, once we've crossed that line and gain control...any further action is an "attack".

So, I think it is nonsense and/or hypocritical to say Aikido does not have attacks.

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