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Ai symbol Re: Weapons in Aikido

Some of you seem to wonder fundamentally about using weapons in Aikido ...

There are considerable differences in practice among the different Aikido schools and especially with Aikido weapons. Don't want to judge about them nor enter into details or possible reasons, although it might be interesting to understand.

Aiki or not Aiki .... that was a question. What about Ki no musubi ? Connect your Ki with the Ki of you partner. You can do that with Aiki weapons, no doubt.

US Aikidoka, who would like to convince themselves about this, get an occasion to watch an Aikidoka practising Jo and Bokken with Aiki this summer in Orange County, California (June 28th through July 1st 2012). André Cognard Shihan is an expert for Aikiken and Aikijo of the school of Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan from Osaka. More about this seminar on The seminar is open to everyone, all affiliations, levels, and juniors are welcome.

A warning for lower grades in Aikido: never expect energy in a pure Kihon, don't confuse it with an application form. The latter you may try only if you have mastered the Kihon.

regards, Christine
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