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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

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Dear all,

I don't know Tomiki aikido, and I don't know how aikido competitions are organised, but this article raised a BIG QUESTION MARK for me:

If, as we all are supposed to think,
a) female aikido is NOT different from male aikido at an advanced level
b) strength does not make a difference,

then WHY is there a women's randori and a men's randori?
If we can all attain the same skills, regardless from sex & age, there should only be ONE randori. If a women never wins, then this would simply mean that we are not so good. Maybe because there are not so many women taking Tomiki aikido, maybe because there are not so many women interested in competition, but maybe also because we simply don't reach the same level of skill...but IF a woman wins a mixed randori, then she would know that she is REALLY the best, and not ONLY the best woman.

Best regards,

First I would like to apologize if you feel offended. In Tomiki Aikido we have a great respect for the skill of women but there is a difference between men and women.

What is the difference between male and female tennis? Have a good look.
What is the difference between male and female judo competition?
In general women cannot win a match from men! Why? Because we know this from experience. Of course there are women who can compete very well and win from men. But when you reach the top level players, men will win. We can elaborate on why men will win in gereral, but I think this thread is not about competition.
BTW many women are very competitive :-) from our experience.
Competition in Tomiki's Aikido is only a small part what we do in our training. And the purpose is to test your ego. If you enter a competition for winning you will lose, even if you win the match.
If you lose your match, but you had the chance to apply a perfect waza, you win even if you lose the match.
The difference between male and female aikido at a high level is also present. The body of a man and women is different, so the physical expression will be different. But if you talk about "aiki", this is a different story, because we talk about manipulating energie and the relationship between yn and yo. And other people can elaborate about this item much better.

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