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lars beyer
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Re: What is a great framework for learning (Aikido) ?

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
I think a great teacher is one that is able to give each student the right mix between structure and explanation on one hand and freedom to develop your own technique on the other.

That's what I strive to do when I teach.
Hi Jørgen
Wish you the best for your weekend demonstration, must be exciting with so many people

What you say about developing "your own technique", what do you mean by that ?
The reason I ask is because I never felt that the technique is something that I invented or developed but rather it is there for me to aknowledge and understand in relation to Aikido as a "system" or a technical framework for deeper understanding of Aikido concepts. The way I see it technique and philosophy are
two sides of the same coin, the same goes with basic kihon techniques compared to advanced flowing forms.
Does it make sence to you ?

A nice weekend to you too.
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