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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

I would hate to have to be seperated from my fellow female Aikidoka's. They bring the testosterone level in my sausageparty dojo down a few pegs. It's really nice when you're partner is totally focused on getting the technique right, rather than forcing you to the ground regardless of how they do so.

Observing female Aikidoka's will help you figure out how to properly train. I've noticed several things our girls do that has helped me better my own techniques (such as how pulling the arm in shihonage is useless - you push instead). I feel that with some of the guys, it's just a wrestling match on most days, and not very productive. Only way we can tell we're doing it wrong is if sensei tells us or we're too tired to use brute force. With girls, they generally can't force it, so they'll quickly develop all the right concepts and techniques to make their Aikido work. I feel that this is real Aikido. If we try to muscle people around, then we might as well go learn another martial art.

The problem is, the girls tend to be held back by years and years of BS telling them to be meek and afraid of pain and violence of all forms. I like a girl that can punch a would-be rapist out with a smile (come on, I can't be the only one), and I hate the fact that some the girls I meet would tell me horror stories of guys dragging them by the wrist and they're just too afriad to even resist. Don't be afraid, and don't take it! If you don't like to have other people force their will onto you, then do something about it like I did: train Aikido seriously and become stronger, so that you can have a say even with unreasonable people!

So, in regards to OP, I will slam a girl into the tatami as hard and fast as she want it (hey wait... )
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