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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Joseph Dostie wrote: View Post
The most obvious shomen like strike is a beer bottle to the head in a barfight or something.

To say noone would choose a certain attack for reason a, b, or c assumes a certain orientation or experience of the attacker. To say 'this is not the best attack' for reason a, b, or c, might absolutely be valid, but it in no way indicates that the attack won't be used. $.02 from my perspective - which is worth about the same.
Dear Joseph,
Any beer bottle being used in a fight should of course be empty!! This is usually my opening gambit in relation to coaching newbies.My other advice is this if you are unfortunate to be attacked by a mad axeman ,and the gent lands one on your head , please leave said axe in place.This restricts the blood flow.Bandage around the weapon, do not remove it.Cheers, Joe
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