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Re: cool blog post - Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters Revealed!

well, the fascia will end up playing a role in the kind of "whole body" power we're looking to develop, but this is a ,more fundamental, and I think more important basic kind of exercise; one which trains you not only physical, but more importantly, MENTALLY. this is a great drill to build up awareness of the entire hara.

i use the Japanese here because i think it encompasses the whole center conceptually, which would include the dan tein, ming men, perineum / pelvic floor (hui yin) and the diaphragm, as Josh discusses in the clips. in I Liq cuan we refer to it just as the center of mass.

it's the ability to mindfully engage the hara / center, and maintain the engagement over prolonged periods that really matters. this is especially true regarding the perineum / pelvic floor.

skipping ahead to training the fascia without being able to keep the bottom from falling out is putting the cart before the horse.

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