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Loving protection is what we aim for but it can be argued that sometimes it's for the greater good of the majority that one ‘uses the sword'. Paraphrasing a program on snipers who trained at Thunder Ridge, one reporter asked a law enforcement sniper "You intensely train for years to aim from a great distance at a small target the size of a football (man's head/brain area), and you've been called to duty many times to use your skill in situations such as hostage taking where the victim is displayed with a weapon to their head, does it ever cross your mind as you squeeze the trigger that you are taking a life and does that disturb you?" The sniper replied simply, "No, I don't think of it as taking a life, I think of it as saving a life." Yes, the aiki thing to do is keep ‘loving protection' in mind when confronted by a situation fraught with conflict potential, sometimes it's all you can do is keep from being sucked into the violence of the other someone else's vortex.
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