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Re: Stress-testing structure

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
It's a kata. Hyori no kata.
Thanks. Here is a youtube of it from the DVD I mentioned - copyright violation?

Just to be clear we don't actually do the hyori no kata but a freestyle jiyuwaza. Seems like a nice way to tie waza and internal stuff to break the monotony. Our focus during the drill is to maintain structure, connection and feel for breaks in same in the partner. We do the same thing during static push drills so the person pushing is actively trying to push while maintaining their 'internals' and feeling/listening for breaks to exploit - that way the push drills work for both folks simultaneously.

I must have misread the 'resistance' Q of the OP as 'motion' because that is what we work on in the jiyuwaza is transitioning to motion. Resistance is always there in the sense that both folks are doing 'internals' during all the drills.

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