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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: Stress-testing structure

Some drills for consideration:

- #1 stands beside #2 placing one hand on back of #2's head the other hand on his chest then presses inward trying to fold #2. #2 relaxes and maintains proper spinal form. If large muscles are used to resist the pressure it is very noticable and not very productive. Repeat this drill but move hand to belly and then lower, this gives more leverage and makes the drill more difficult. Now do the same drill but place hands on forehead and upper back (then lower back, etc.) Then go sideways and finally for a real challenge start to do the forward and backward diagonals. The body should remain relaxes and breathing should be easy and free. Hint: Focus on the whole and not the contact points.

- #1 assumes pushup position, #2 kneels besides him with hand between shoulder blades and pressing downward (modulate the amount of pressure to challenge #1). #1 does a slow pushup (down then up) while maintaining proper form and alignment. Break the form and the pushup becomes very difficult if not impossible. Hint: Focus on the whole, do not attempt to push against the hand and learn to move with whole body structure.

- Same set up as the first drill above but now do squats while #1 is pressing in the different directions. Maintaining form during movement is good, but make sure the breathing is also maintained.


Mark J.
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