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Re: Stress-testing structure

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What sort of things do you guys and gals do to test structure under resistance, both static structure and dynamic/movement structure, to root out weakness that need to be worked on? For that matter, what sorts of stresses do you try to make your structure resilient against? And when doing some sort of pressure testing, what flaws do you typically look for?
Recently found someone to train with. We can both do statics modestly and to liven up the training we do some drills to begin making the transition to moving drils. We really liked a segment from the 50th anniversary of Sokaku Takedas death DVD which shows a great many Daito and other practitioners - in there is a couple of guys from Mochizuki Yoseikan doing what looks like slow motion jiyuwaza. Looks to fit the bill quite nicely.

We start static so we can establish connection then someone finds a 'gap' and exploits it until someone finds a 'break' or 'gap' that can be used to do a reversal. At some point it is clear a throw or lock is about to be completed so the dominant side creates a 'break' or 'gap' in their connection/structure to allow the other person to exploit just for the sake of keeping the drill going without a bunch of tossing/tapping. Fun stuff. Move as fast as you can without either breaking - usually it is reeeeeally slow. When we break too often then we go back to statics or solo work. Rinse, lather , repeat.

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