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Walter Martindale
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Re: Training Frequency

Expu who? Exponential?
Diminishing returns exists, but for elite athletes, as long as there's some improvement, many find it worth doing.
The 10,000 hour thing is quite well discussed, but there's a range within which most people fall in their pursuit of mastery.
I know a woman who raced in the finals of world rowing championships, in the lightweight women't single sculls, less than 13 months after she started sculling. I also know people who have been training for lots and lots of years who just don't quite get it. The first is one of those six-sigma people - WAY out there in the bell-curve of skill development, but you'll get more than 60% of the population developing what could be called "mastery" between about 6000 and 14000 hours of training (deliberate practice).
So - to the OP - The more time you can put in, the faster you'll learn. If you're an engineering student, it probably wouldn't hurt to have a 45-60 minute practice before breakfast.. (SPARK, the new science of exercise and the brain)..

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