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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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However... what happens when a trained striker or even grappler/wrestler comes up and you dont get a chance to execute Shomen - better yet, is there ever a chance in this scenario to use Shomen?
shomen isn't the only thing in my tool box. years ago i sparred with a Taewondo guy, Olympic caliber. He could throw an axe kick, which is pretty like a shomen uchi but with the feet, faster than i could throw a jab. he was lightning on feet. he knocked me and pretty much everyone on his/her ass with that kick. in kaitennage, have you thought of the hand on top of the head could be a shomen strike to the back of the neck? or elbow comes up the center line follow with a hammer fist comes down the same line. then there is the flying knee from muay thai to the face. oh did i mention that i belong to the anything-goes school of martial arts?

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