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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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Shomen uchi is a very, very specific strike, as is all the other ones (yokomen uchi, jodan zuki, etc). They're for training purposes and are simulated attacks. In no way are these karate's seiken zuki or shuto uke. If you got a bottle in your hand, or a hammerfist, that's no longer a kihon waza's initiating strike, but a full on attack that has to be dealt with differently.
this is where you and i differ. to me, shomen uchi whether with a hand, knife, sword, bottle, axe, they are all the same. no different to me. they still aim for my head straight on down.

I think the main problem you guys are having with what I'm saying is that you think a shomen uchi is an attack. No, it's not, but that's just definitions. The important thing to note is that you don't use something like this as an actual attack, in a battle, because as an Aikidoka, if you extend yourself out of your "box" where you are strongest in (centre power area), then you become uke instead of nage (shite).
i do not know how you train in striking, but for me, i can strike you with any number of attacks and won't over extend or lose my balance. if you practice with me, i can guarantee you that my shomen uchi is an attack. matter of fact, we trained with striking pads regularly to make sure folks feel the strike and the level of power driving behind it.

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