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Re: Stress-testing structure

Lee Salzman wrote: View Post
I am just curious about what people do to work at their structure as a quality independent of notions of techniques/applications, which is I guess why I stuffed this thread in this particular ghetto. But eh, if people want to discuss that, not my place to limit discussion, I just wanted to start a topic and see where it flows.
Well we know its not about technique, its a pointer.
Like the Gracie bros said, not all techniques will work with all people at all times.

Its a chess game and you merely have the pieces to play with.

But with most Aikidoka they dont even have the pieces to play with, what they have is not even 'tested' so that they can understand what works.

As mentioned in other threads I was able to pull off kotegaishi in a grappling round... I call it luck as it was not a ranked BJJ practitioner and was a Thai Boxing heavy dojo in comparison to ground work.

My wrist twist worked on principle not on a set technique... I bring up technique only because in technique it is obvious people are missing the whys or I suppose you would say structure.

Sorry if I cannot put it into clearer words.



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