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Re: Stress-testing structure

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that your post isn't what Lee is talking about at all. This just sounds like a list of strategic counters.
Perhaps - but where I was really coming from is that everything I listed was to show the Tori that their technique was 100% a waste and did not work...

... vs. trying to push a proper technique to its limit, and/or countering it.
You have to know what your doing, why and when what works before you can 'test it' - and many are under the false assumption that they know this as Uke and Tori both have built in patterns of movements that no one else would do. [A beginner can even help this to become apparent, and has for me at times.]

A lot of what I see only works if the uke totally just does what Tori wants. [even if their conditioned response feels like resistance as mentioned above]

Again, perhaps this was not addressing the issue, suppose when I wrote it that is how I interpreted it as there is no 'stress', or technique, in these situations.
But to stress test... you have to know what your doing and if its actually 'doing'.

[Otherwise you just have frustrated 3rd 2nd kyus, etc who see their technique isnt working for some reason when Uke fails to comply and they are 'larger' than you.]



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