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Re: Dangerous Situations

Alic Xie wrote: View Post
But again, I learned right after that day that it was no good to respond with force, real or bluff.
No. It is right to respond with force.

Alic Xie wrote: View Post
Michael, I don't understand. It's bad that I learned that violence and aggression doesn't work for self defense? What should I have learned from that experience then? That I should make sure to stab the guy next time?
You want to stab someone? In what situation?

Alic Xie wrote: View Post
Forgive me for saying this, but I can practically feel your eyes judging me from way over yonder. I don't understand what you want from me, should I say that I belong in an institution? Or is jail better for a monster like me? Or perhaps you feel like a sociopath like me doesn't deserve to learn Aikido?
I won't forgive you, you are putting forward a ridiculous and insulting attitude. You have no right to make personal insults about your imaginings of my thoughts. Stop it.

Alic Xie wrote: View Post
Are you feeling the same? Perhaps by belittling me, you can also gain something that you feel you don't have right now? I don't know what it is that you want me to say or do, but will that give you relief?
Here you are, calling me the bully. You can imagine what I would say right to your face if this wasn't a heavily moderated forum?!

I made two points only ;
1. Child attacking others with scissors = potentially dangerous, should be reprimanded/expelled.
2. Your assertion that resisting with force is wrong, I absolutely DISagree.
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