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Re: Zukai Coach Aikido

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I almost missed this thread. Chris are there any intresting tidbits in TK's book in regard to his involvement with Takuma Hisa and the early days of the Takumakai? This is one of those books that i've always been curious about. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks again.


PS more, more, more...!!!(scans)
The book's kind of hard to find these days, even when I bought it (around 10 years ago) I had to go through some specialty used book sellers in Japan.

The book itself isn't all that interesting, it's part of the "Zukai Coach" ("Illustrated Coach") series of paperbacks that cover a whole range of sports and martial arts (I bought it because I was training with some of Tsuruyama Kozui's folks and I was curious). Basically it's a general overview of "Aikido" - he was a Takumakai instructor, but the Takumakai often uses the name "Aikido", also he tended to be kind of eclectic.

The book portrays Morihei Ueshiba as one of the branches off of the tree from Sokaku Takeda rather than a completely new martial art.

I'll put some more scans up when I get the chance - the one's that I put up are the most interesting, I think.

Tsuruyama himself was kind of controversial and made some enemies in the Daito-ryu community. I have no idea whether or not they were justified.

The folks that I trained with had a whole box of audio tapes of Tsuruyama talking to Takuma Hisa, he was meticulous about recording everything. I haven't heard them - but apparently they cast some light on his "troubles".



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