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Thanks Jason,

yeah, our association is very proud of its lineage Nocquet sensei was the head of our association until his passing, at which point Sensei Emmerson took over and re-named the association as Dynamic Aikido Nocquet in his honour. (it was also more appealing to our clubs on the continent to have a name without U.K in the title... easier to get memebers )

Unfortunately, I never got to train with Nocquet Sensei, but i love to hear Sensei Emmerson talk about him.

We held a training session on the anniversary of his passing this year (as we do every year), and showed a video of the last time that he was on the mat.

At that point he already knew he had cancer and was dying... he moved like a 20 year old, it was inspirational

I wasn't aware that he trained alot with Abe sensei aswell

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