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Re: Stress-testing structure

Lee Salzman wrote: View Post
What sort of things do you guys and gals do to test structure under resistance, both static structure and dynamic/movement structure, to root out weakness that need to be worked on? For that matter, what sorts of stresses do you try to make your structure resilient against? And when doing some sort of pressure testing, what flaws do you typically look for?
Take ikkyo for example... as Nage takes me [uke] down I try to roll out of the move and then pop up and 'surprisingly' put them in kotegaishi. When they get used to the roll out, but still dont know why they cant control I may not get K.G but I do have the distance unless they tried what Roy Dean showed with an armbar. [which they have not even thought of, which makes sense due to the training environment.]

With Shihonage its simple as well... if the elbow is pointed east/west instead of North by the head I just wont budge. Now its true they could apply kotegaeshi [wrist twist] which would affect my wrist and my elbow if they pulled it away from my body... a quick movement with that will definitely put someone out with their arm, so careful.

Otherwise they can go north with my arm and I still wont go, especially if they have not taken my center.
Thus they can only do kotegaishi [wrist twist] from the position they are in with my elbow north, and then with the pressure on the wrist I will go down.

Tsuki Jodan, etc. - well there is not much you can do there. If you were with a boxer who had mma gloves you still would not be able to execute an technique off a jab. Though its still fun to do Tsuki, it feels so successful. [Not saying never, but as I pointed out elsewhere it probably will be rokkyo if your lucky - different stance, entry, etc.]

With Kotegaishi Ura sometimes Nages arm is outside of Ukes and Uke may just not want to turn around like scripted and then you are playing with an arm.

Take the same arm and put Nages arm inside of Uke as you turn and you can either apply pressure to the arm with elbow, or better yet and what I love with Tsuki, is to basically take them down toward the ground as if you could transition into rokkyo, and then perhaps finish off stepping back and center to kotegaishi.

With speed they will have to do a high break fall for their own comfort level - or know what you are up to and go one step ahead of you.

With Iriminage, when Uke is supposed to swing around, etc [supposedly this works with speed and not static which makes it so awkward] I tend not to even like this version of the technique and prefer going in from behind and transitioning into a rear naked choke. [Was nice when our instructor allowed this and introduced this as a possibility.]

With Koshinage, just toss the person, though the entring can feel fake.
Typically we come in from ikkyo, simulate a kick the face, and then enter to throw.

A lot of the moves start getting funky as far as realism, say sumi otoshi, etc. as so much can happen in the process of Nage actually trying to execute the technique. Kubi Nage, neck throw, just seems dangerous to try freestyle, etc.

It would be cool to build up your techniques, add resistance, keep going back and forth stepping up the game, and then go freestyle where you both try to execute a technique etc that is not scripted but include a given range of techniques, etc.

The other thing is just to watch throughout your technique if the center is moved.
A lot of people enter shiohnage and still have Uke standing straight and not bent in any direction... control throughout each technique.



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