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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

Ike Spenser wrote: View Post
I studied at Azuma air base under Isoyama, who was a uchideska at hombu since he was 12 in 1949.
He was the youngest ever 6th dan, age 25, or possibly even younger. Saito was technically my instructor, because o'sensei wanted Saito to teach Isoyama. I was there from '63 to '68. I only went to actual Iwama once, in '66, for about 3 days, we stayed in o'sensei's actual house, because the new iwama dojo was still being built. The other times I met o'sensei was at hombu. Also, that would be the only place we would meet with Saito, who came down from Iwama. Saito couldn't come to Azuma, he didn't have a base pass.
When Kissomaru ueshiba kicked Tohei out, even though it was probably necessary, I quit.
I haven't been in a dojo in 40 years, except maybe to just 'look in' for a moment.
I'm not even a white belt now. I don't plan to come back until I can develop the 'high ki', maybe not at o'sensei's level, but at a level you would expect out of a 8th or 9th dan, in the old days.
I fully plan to suceed.
I just work out in my garage now, with my marine colonel buddy, and a couple of my grandsons.
I'm also mega cripple, after two strokes, four sezures,and two bycycle wrecks, I probably should be in a hospital, but I plan a full recovery, I'll be back in the game in a year or two.
Isoyama always gave me the impression that he considered Ueshiba his only instructor, but you know how these things go.

I'm not sure that Tohei could be considered "kicked out" - there's a fair amount of evidence that he was planning his exit from the early 1970's.



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