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Shidare Yanagi Ryu in Concord CA

I'm taking the liberty of broadcasting this info ...
We recommend to pre-register if you are interested to be the participant for the future seminar with Don Angier Soke on April 28 - 29, 2012. This event is depending on your ava...ilability to be there.
In order to be able to cover the expenses we need to know exactly who will be able to participate with full commitment to pre-pay an attendance for the whole weekend with the price $120 at the door.
If you pre-register before April 1, 2012 the price is $100.
After April 1, 2012 price is $120.
Aikido of Diable Valley dojo has had a privilege to accommodate such seminars with Don Angier in the past five times, and this is some information you might find helpful to understand who you are going to train with.
You may find some photos from these seminars here [COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR]
Don Angier Soke has been called by such notables as Stanley Pranin, editor and Publisher of Aikido Journal/AikiNews, "a martial arts genius".
This is the link to Don Angier autobiography.
In a very short words the young Don Angier (An-jhy) was mentored in Yanagi-Ryu Aiki Bugei by its Soke, Yoshida Kenji, son of Yoshida Kotaro. It was Yoshida Kotaro who introduced Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido) to Takeda Sensei of the Daito Ryu, and who sponsored Ueshiba into the Daito School.

In 1954 Yoshida Kenji passed the title of Soke, or Inheritor, to Angier. Soke Angier was given the hanko, or seal, bearing the Yanagi Ryu name and authority.

Soke Angier taught Aiki Jiujitsu publicly from 1955 to 1988, but now teaches only to a few chosen students at his home in Long Beach, CA.

You also can see the only video that went public on YouTube:
[COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR] (you may just search on YouTube for Don Angier Soke)

It is a rare opportunity to be trained by one of the most skilled martial artist in the world with many years of practical application for his skills in his daily life at the work Don Angier was doing for 18 years.

The schedule for the training on April 28-29, 2012:

Saturday 10a - 12:00p, 2:30p - 4:30p
Sunday 10a --12p, 2:30p-4:30p

To pre-register please send your check for the amount of $120 ($100 before April 1, 2012) payable to

Aikido of Diablo Valley
1674 Challenge Drive,
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 676-6763


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