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Re: Fingers spread or together?

Regarding "gland" or "point", we're dealing with other peoples' translations of Asian concepts so I can allow for wiggle room.

Regarding fingers being open or closed - I think what's been determined is that some of the seniors from previous generations were advocating fingers being open for some very specific purposes around ki/qi and intent training. That should be enough of a lead for those already interested in these things to start to extrapolate some 'hows' and 'whys'.

I'd question some of the fine details as being more "someone's approach" rather than "the only correct interpretation (especially when dealing with translations and second-hand speak), but some of the things that jumped out to me with things like "asagao" and the fingers expressing the body as it opens in all directions. That's rather important in some of the basics of the internal strength paradigm and speaks to a couple things, how the body as a frame can open and close, how the power of the middle can be expressed out the fingers, etc.

But again, I'm thinking less in terms of "should the fingers be open" and more along the lines of "what would the body be doing to open the fingers"?

It's like a finger pointing at the moon . . .

(Phi, haven't you asked anyone to pull your finger, yet?)
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