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Marc Abrams
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Re: Morihei Ueshiba, Budo and Kamae

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post

You may not believe it but the world is in deep trouble. We're experiencing non-linear transformations on a scale that is nearly beyond comprehension and there's no historical precedent for this. Despite all the banter you participate in on this forum, I know your intentions are well. There will be times in our future where we will all be called to situations none of us have ever been in before. I know your Aikido will succeed in the most difficult of circumstances. In fact I don't know of any regular poster here whose Aikido I think wouldn't succeed. I have no ill will toward you or anyone else. You don't have to accept this truce but perhaps you'll consider it. I'm not asking you to stop the kind-hearted jokes either.

My post was not a joke and was entirely truthful. Your own personal tengu are as significant and real to you as that person I mentioned. The larger issue was that your previous post, in it's entirety, had absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the thread.

I have children in the same age bracket as you. My deceased grandfather lived in a world that included going from horse and buggy to rocket ships to the moon. He lived thru two world wars and a host of other world wide calamities. In my life time, there has been numerous wars and atrocities. I use to punch holes in cards to feed into machines to program them to do basic things (computers- using basic language). Now I speak into my multipurpose device (iphone 4s) and it does what i ask it to do. The rate of change has dramatically increased. Some futuristic thinkers look at this as a good thing, while others see the imminent demise of humans. My scale of viewing the world is very, very different than yours. All of the major changes in the last two hundred years have been at a scale never seen before. In each era, people have talked about imminent doom. Life will continue to move in this direction until something else happens......

There is no war between us that needs any kind of truce. The topic of the thread has to do with the growing evidence that some of what we use to believe as new gospel, was not gospel at all, not new, and not fully understood at that time. The new research is pointing out a link to a long-standing tradition that many people missed. In many ways, that is like life. When we are full of piss and vinegar, we think that we know all and own the world. As we get older, we chuckle at how stupid were back then and enjoy/struggle with the radical changes of a new day, while enjoy/struggle with the larger link to long-standing traditions. And so it goes.......

Marc Abrams
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