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Marc Abrams
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Re: Morihei Ueshiba, Budo and Kamae

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post
When completely successful nage is always at ease above his center, this everyone already knows. You're right I almost did lose to the Tengu in that video, but at least they didn't knock me over. They tore a ligament in my shoulder once when I was too stubborn to accept kaeshi waza and take ukemi.

How many Aikidoists here have fought any Tengu, let alone even begun recognizing them? O Sensei fought them many thousands of times, despite never being filmed. I've fought them over a thousand times. When done correctly fighting's impossible because you actually become the Tengu. Careful not to stare too long at them or me though, the whole point of facing them in the first place is to release them until they're needed again. There' many people in the world, cut off from the Infinite to no fault of their own, unable to express their Tengu subjectively as nage. Instead as unconscious uke, by definition, they misplace them objectively onto the world with disastrous effects in infinite-wanting magnitudes, little wonder we've culminated countless converging catastrophes, some of which I've posted on. Insanity isn't incidental, aberrational, or a ‘manageable cost' in our destruction of Gaia, it's the primary cause and condition.

Funny you mention that you fought a tengu. We were very "fortunate" at Shin-Budo Kai to have as a student for awhile, the psychic wife of Steven Seagal. Her brief claim to fame was being brought on the Howard Stern show after she lost a close battle for wacko of the week to a guy who had a long-term, love relationship with his dog. Howard Stern felt so bad that she lost, that he believed that the right thing to do was to bring her to the studio in order to interview her life on the radio.

This woman fought many, many tengu. To her, they were Ki Vampires. They would suck the Ki from her feet during practice. When she was told that she was not ready for a test, she became indignant and complained that it was no fair that the other students had only one uke, while she had many (alluding to all of those Ki Vampires). Maybe you two know each other? Maybe you two are related in some sort of tengu way?

Thanks for allowing me to reminisce about some of the good old days in training. Now, did you have any lucid point that you were trying to make?

Marc Abrams
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