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Re: Fingers spread or together?

o.k., sorry all, about the ki gland, that's the way I was taught it, in either daoism, or esoteric daoism, which is another field. So, I just repeated it, and I was mistaken, sorry again.
But, in spite of that, triple warmer 4 and UB 58 are very imporrtant in the development of Ki.
To o'sensei, ki was everything, and yes, as someone mentioned, ki seems to mean almost nothing in today's aikido, to the point that people are questioning whether o'sensei could actually do all those things you see in the videos.
Well, I might be practically the last guy here that actually practiced with him, and I can tell you that he could do all of those things.
Ki was the most important thing for all aikidoka in those early days. In fact, ki was a part of your test, even for white belts. The instructor wanted to see if your ki was increasing or not.
That part of aikido, which was the most important part of aikido, seems to be lost for now.
I'm no where near that level, but I'm working on techniques to bring the 'ki development' back.
TH3 and UB 58 are certainly a part of it, also, the meeting place of the ki, which is in the middle of the sternum. And, jogging the fossa of the clavical, which is used in esoteric daoism to manipulate time.
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