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Re: Fingers spread or together?

Sorry if this has already been mentioned, i havent had a chance to read the whole thread as im mobile at the moment.

Recently my fingers were bent back by a more advanced person because i offered my hand relaxed and open, my wrist still hurts now. I still believe though that the hand should still be in a relaxed style as this enhances IMHO the connection and feeling of techique/attack from uke. A hand held even in a slightly tensed syle would again IMO would interfere with this crucial feeeling of technique.

I see it like this in a relaxed style when held, you are feeling totally your ukes energy/ki/intention/aggression etc and have only to react as you are already hopefully in a state of relaxed alertness. In a fixed hand position the muscles come into play, this alone is always in some way blocking your feeling perception etc of the attack. Also in a totally relaxed manner you can then immediately energisr or even stiffen your hand which will immefiately change the grip of your uke by having directly affected it.

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