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Re: The "F" Words: Fear, Forgiveness, and Freedom

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Forgiving other people is intrinsic to many religions. Forgiveness might be important for our own spiritual well-being and perhaps even our physical health. But is forgiving ourselves letting ourselves off a bit too lightly?
Thanks for adding to the discussion.

For many people, they define forgiveness in the same sense that "its okay". But if it was "okay", there would be nothing to forgive. Therefore, forgiveness implies there was some wrong that needs forgiving.

When we for-give others, its a statement that something was wrong and in our perception to other person did it. Let them own it. Give it back to them.

When we forgive ourselves, its not about letting ourselves off at all, its about acknowledging, accepting, and admitting that we did something wrong. In program they talk about making amends. This means more than just saying we are sorry and then going back to the same patterns that created the wrong to begin with. Its about realizing the ignorance of our thoughts and behaviors and a-mending, healing, or changing them so we do not repeat our mistakes. IMHO, without this fundamental change, there is no grounds for true forgiveness.


Thanks for readying, responding, and continuing our conversation/discussion.

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