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Re: Harmony of Form

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Seconded, of course.

About my question. I understand you've been practising Iwama style buki waza for about ten years. Am I correct?
Hi Demetrio,
To answer your question directly, No I have not. I have also been praciticing other forms of ken And Jo, from the ki society, I have been learning Nishio`s 31 Jo kata, as well as Saito sensei`s version. however of late (within last two years),I have discovered what my teacher was first teaching, and where it originally came from. So I`m rediscovering what I was once taught.

I Studied with John Duggan for 10 years, From 1994 at age 15 until 2004, when I moved away from the area.
let me tell you it was the hardest choice I have ever had to make. Teacher, friends & dojo or New Job, new partner a new start in life, and now a wonderful dojo to practice in too.

Michael Duggan taught me the weapons, he was not always at the dojo, as he was some sort of engineer that worked across the country. His father John, did not really go into weapons, but taught me the eight directions with the ken & We only ever practiced Ken Suburi, no kumi tachi, never, not even once. He taught me mainly in empty handed techniques and tanto dori, and lots and lots of suwari waza. Sensei left the rest up to his son michael.

Whatever the case, this is the form I have settled on, it suites me. I will be making more videos on Jo and Bokken Suburi,
More of kumi tachi, kumi Jo and Ken tai Jo. So watch this space.

In Budo Andy B

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