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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
Well, this story makes me feel a little uneasy. Don't get me wrong, the outcome was great, an aikido principle was used successfully, but I can't help thinking that it was achieved on the expense of Dan's dignity, and that of aikido's. I am sorry, but this is truly how I feel about it. I think this is not the founder's aikido but rather our own christian western aikido.

I disagree fully with the idea of a confrontation, but I wish Dan could have found a less submissive way out of it.
I'll make you a bit more uncomfortable. This is a Terry Dobsen story. No, not that one.

He was going to see a movie and it was raining. I don't think Terry was ever the most nimble of guys and as he was running to get into line he slipped and bumped into a guy. As he described it, the guy looked like he had just had one of those conversation's where his girlfriend said the magic words. You know which one's. The kind that immediately make you crazy as only someone close to you can do. The guy was apparently pretty big too as Terry mentions the guy's size and Terry was not a little guy. Terry notices the guy is pissed and

drops into sieza and bows.

It completely difused the situation and as Terry put it, the guy was like "c'mon man, get up from there. What are you doing down there."
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