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Re: Harmony of Form

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hi ,
Just had a look at your video link.Noted who was demonstrating.Just wondered if your Uke was senior to you[usage of Sempai ]? If so I would have thought he would have been Tori, rather than you good self. Cheers, Joe
I Understand what you mean, Yes Alex has been with the Tenshinkan longer and his aikido is from here, along with iaido, and Judo. Alex is Nikkyu grade in Aikido.

I am a 3rd Dan in Aikido, Not trained in the dojo, Joined Kyoshi paynes Tenshinkan Dojo, last August. But after spending some time with Sensei, he has asked me to teach, Weapons on sunday`s, and Juniors on Saturday`s, and the odd adult class on thursday. So the students adress me as per Kyoshi paynes request as sensei. Not sempai.

In this way Alex is a Sempai of the Dojo, not to any specific art within it. Hence I am the tori and Alex is Uke. Also, Alex has only been training with me for a little while and did not previously know these forms, until I came to the dojo.

In Budo

Andy B
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