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Re: Training Frequency

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post

You work out the details within that time frame.

In oneness,
Correct, of course, but functionally not so useful, I think.

It's a common answer, but it always reminds me of that story from "The Reckoning" by David Halberstam - his study of Nissan in Japan and Ford in the United States in the 1980's.

Nissan, of course, was fanatic about quality control.

In an interview with (I think) a Vice-President at Ford Halberstam asked who was responsible for quality control, to which the answer was "everybody". When he asked again who was held responsible for quality control on a day to day basis the answer was "nobody".

No reflection on Francis, of course, but I've heard the 24/7 answer from people who just aren't training very much (or at all) too many times to take it at face value.



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