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Re: Harmony of Form

Daren Sims wrote: View Post
Good luck with the demo. Hope you raise lots of money.
Hi Daren,

You may know my first teacher, John Duggan sensei, and sensei michael Neary will. He ran the Hereford branch dojo of the NAF for many years, before moving on to the, Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society, founded by Shihan Jones 8th Dan.
John Duggan Sensei was awarded his Nidan at an NAF seminar, hosted by the late Tamura Sensei, and Michael Neary, in the late eighties.
I was still a member of the NAF, until Sensei Duggan moved organisations, around the year 2000.

I spent ten years training under now, Shihan John Duggan 6th Dan, and Michael Duggan 5th Dan, and had some wonderful times at NAF courses. I now train and teach, at the mid sussex martial arts school, way down south near Brighton east Sussex.

Hope all is well in the NAF, and best wishes to all.

In Budo

Andy B

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