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Re: Fingers spread or together?

Too many people are being way too sarcastic here. If there's even one serious person left out there, I could explain a lot more, but I can't give you any more references than I already have, most of this stuff is ingrained into me, I can't remember where I learned a lot of it. I'm a 72 year old, half senile old croaker, you'll have to do a lot of your own study.
Besides the five years in Japan, I spent way more time with chinese styles and daoism, in taiwan, vietnam and america. Not to mention korea and thailand.
Also I was raised on an indian reservation, and started with native indian martial arts.
So, if you're a straight aikidoka, a lot of my explanations might be hard, if not nearly impossible, to follow.
It would be easier if you'd give me some of your background, and something of your personal philosophies, so I would know how better to reach you.
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