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Re: Harmony of Form

I have explained in earlier posts, that I was taught by sensei John & Michael Duggan.
Micheal went to Japan, in the late nineties brought these techniques back with him, and taught me accordingly. I do not know however, who Michael was taught by in Japan, he is a very reserved Aikidoka.

Now the student in the blue belt has only had, 3 weeks practice with me, and this was shot after 2 1/2 hrs of practice, the demo on Sunday will be hopefully better, as we will be fresh so to speak.

However, the Body movements demonstrate, how to control the partners sword, thus demonstrating control of the situation, which has the desired result, of controlling your partner, through body movement not force, thus showing it is the way of harmony within form.

Thank you to all, for your good wishes for the demo.

Andy B
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